It's been a minute since my last post, so I thought I would fill you in on what's been keeping me busy!

A few weeks ago, we moved from Albany, New York to Fort Lee, Virginia, where my husband is stationed for the next six months. We made the nine-hour drive south in two cars; in mine, the dog, the two-year-old, and no good music or adult conversation because my phone leaped out of my back pocket into the toilet before we left… On a related note, did you know that Target sells wine down here?! It was a very, very happy surprise when we finally arrived and I had to run in for a roll of paper towels.

Anyway, amidst the chaos and clutter of uprooting our home, I have been working on edits for the first three chapters {roughly the first third} of my book. It seems like inspiration always strikes when the mind is furthest from it, so of course as we were unloading the moving truck I was flooded with ideas on how to improve my novel. My husband wanted to kill me because I kept disappearing to write down my thoughts, but I promised him it would be worth it. For months, I had been really stubborn about keeping a particular theme in my story, but suddenly it became clear what my editor was saying all along about the theme being unnecessary. I also had spoken-word style poetry in a few places throughout the manuscript – the idea was that the protagonist’s voice was moving from her subconscious to conscious thought through this medium – but decided to remove it as well per my editor’s recommendation. I still am attached to this concept {it was what I originally based the story on} but realize now that it didn’t convey what I wanted it to in a story that eventually took on a direction and life of it's own. Perhaps I will share the poems in a future post, to ease the blow of the cutting room floor : ) . 

As the last of the packed boxes sit disapprovingly at the corners of the room while I write this, I am left with the notion that whenever life presents change, whether in the form of location, thought, or something else, adjusting is often a slow and uncomfortable process. Just as often, it is worthwhile. Besides one-stop paper towel/Pinot Grigio shopping, "moving away" also introduced me to a new perspective on my book. Oh, and to a pig, too. Here is a picture of my new potbellied neighbor, who both intrigues and terrifies me. I wonder what other surprises Virginia will have in store...