Sometimes, I forget about music. I forget about the power it has to touch the deepest parts of me, to speak to what I’m feeling or transport me back to another time and place; to bring a smile to my face, a pang to my heart, or a warm sensation to my soul. But then a song plays and I remember all over again. I remember the power of music.
I believe that we all have soundtracks to our lives. Whether they define a specific moment or are a constant through our happiest or most difficult times, certain songs are embedded into who we are and where we’ve been. Some people’s soundtracks are rock. Some are blues. Some are hip-hop or rap. Some are country. Some are a compilation of all different genres and styles. In the moment of Athena’s life that I write about in Flawed Happiness, her soundtrack is neo-soul, with a few classic soul and R&B songs in the mix. I chose this music because, although my taste is diverse, it has always spoken to me the loudest, and Athena’s identity and struggle are in way an extension of my own. The story played out like a movie in my mind, so I would close my eyes and listen to certain songs over and over again to put myself into a scene. After awhile, it only made sense to include the songs into the scenes as well. 

There are eight tracks to Athena’s soundtrack, one in each chapter, that demonstrate the character's progression in her journey to happiness. It begins with one of my favorite songs, Mr. Stevie Wonder’s As {the lyric that speaks to the moment being: "As now can't reveal the mystery of tomorrow / But in passing will grow older every day / Just as all is born is new / Do know what I say is true"}. There are a few other bonus tracks included too, that set the tone for the different nightspots she visits. Check out the full playlist on my Pinterest Page

I would love to know -- what’s a song that's a part of your soundtrack?


José Valduar
02/16/2015 6:51pm

Stairway to heaven

José Valduar
02/16/2015 6:53pm

And in the spirit of soul, almost anything sang by Otis. He could sing the phonebook and bring tears to my eyes 😊

02/17/2015 8:10am

Oooh Try a Little Tenderness is a good one!

José Valduar
02/16/2015 6:54pm


Monkey's mama
02/17/2015 11:50am

Gone Too Soon by Daughtry. I listened to it on repeat after I lost my son. I listen to it whenever I need a good therapeutic cry.

02/17/2015 1:41pm

Thank you for sharing Monkey's mama

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